circle, wave, triangle and square

Aktualisiert: 12. Feb 2019

Personal thoughts on forms and why I added the wave to my relief series "white forms"

Forms is something every little child knows about; you learn about it very quick in kindergarten: circle, triangle, and square. When you get older, you learn how these forms nearly ever have been there and how symbolic and mystic they ever have been. They are both as simple and as complex as something can be.

The circle is something that starts and finishes in himself.

Wich can be interpreted in many ways.

The triangle consists of the magical number three, which stands for everything in nature universe religion, family. Its masculinity and energy.

The square, on the other hand, is femininity and matter, it's something static architectonic.

Of course, there is something like a sequence of forms starting with a point ending inside a circle.

In between, there are the stroke, triangle, square, polygons and in the end the circle.

Forms are always about corners.

For me, my favorite sequence was a circle, triangle square. Working on the reliefs it felt like triangle and square were always fitting together, they had the corners, connecting them.

The circle was always there alone; there is no other form without corners, this is why I included the wave into the series.

Of course it is no form, but inside this series, it brings the balance and takes away the unique from the circle, of course not the perfection.