reliefs, sculpturs, installations: 


Oktober 2016

The two abstract sculptures „donna oro“ and „uomo oro“  represent two persons, one woman, and one man. They are both life-size full-plastics. They consist of paint on a cartoon on wood. Sticks represent the heads, hands, and feeds are not represented.  Forms cover a considerable part of the surface. Her body is covered with circles, his with squares. They are both painted white with a small part of gold at the breast area. 


They are presented in the installation „Coppia oro“, in which they are standing on podiums, each turning around them self, one clockwise the other counterclockwise at different speeds. From time to time their hands are close to touching. 

Watch the video project about the couple.


Oktober 2017

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The three sculptures “pendolo palla,“ “pendolo tetrahedral,“ “pendolo cuboido,“ are each one-meter x one-meter x one meter. 

Each is a simple construction on which hangs a body. The "pendolo palla" is a bullet with a relief out of circles on it.

On "pendolo" tetrahedral it's tetrahedral with a triangle relief on it.

And on "pendolo cuboid" there is hanging a cuboid with a relief out of squares. 


They are shown together in the installations „ pendoli,“ where they are standing in different positions to each other, commuting, sometimes close to crushing, sometimes far away, but never interacting at all. 

See a video of the installation. 

What's the definition of a pendulum?


Its a body, suspended at one point and oscillated back an forth by gravity. 

How can this body look?

Can they have different forms?

The whole penned of course is a bullet

tetrahedral cuboid are possible too.

a pendulum is swinging freely but its always ending at the same point, in the middle from both extremes. it settles down. to settle down. finding the middle way, between the extreme. 


read more about my pendulum thoughts in my blog post. 




Oktober 2016

The series white reliefs consist out of 12 reliefs. Each one is 66 c 66 cm big

and they are made out of paint on cartoon on wood. 

The series can be devided in 4 parts, circle, wave, triangle ad square.

Each part consists out of 3 different presentations.

The first one is flat, the second konkav and the third konvex.

The reliefs are painted all white and get more lively when light fall on them. 

They are represented with canging light shining on them. 

take a closer look at the single reliefs 

Forms are something every little child knows about, you learn about it very quick in kindergarten circle triangle and square. 

when you get older you learn how these forms nearly ever have been there and how symbolic and mystic they ever have been. 

they are both as simple and as complex as something can be.

read more about my thoughts on forms in my blog post. 


Oktober 2017

FullSizeRender 30.jpg

The series reliefs consist out of 3 reliefs.

Each one is 40 x 120 cm big. They are made out of paint on carton on canvas. 

They are all painted complete grey. 

The first relief consists out of circles in different sizes, the second one out of triangles in different sizes and the third one out of squares. 

Take a closer look at the single reliefs.