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Reliefs, Sculpturs, Installations 


November 2022

Series: overgrown 

The series "overgrown" consists out of 3 reliefs out of glazed white clay. 

The reliefs are showing different formstructures, fluentliy connecting. 

These structures are partly overgrown, by metallic elements. 

June 2022

Series: fluent forms in colors

The series "fluent forms in colors" consists out of different reliefs, out of glazed white clay. 

The reliefs shows the three basic shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle. In their respective colors blue, yellow and red.

The Forms are connected to each other by fluent transitions and form a unit by that. 

since October 2021 (ongoing)

circle studies

The series circle studies consists out of about 100 little ceramic reliefs in different sizes.

Each relief has a different color or structure. 

August 2022

round forms, separated

The artwork "round forms, separated" is a relief consisting out of glazed on white clay.

The relief is consists out of three parts, connected to each other.

All parts shows different round forms colorful glazed.